Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy


None of your information visible through Paypal payments will ever be stored or shared. Author photos, biographies, and links will be shared with our tour host list in preparation for tours or book highlights and displayed on various blogs. Please do not send us anything you do not intend to be shared, unless specified. 

Tour host

Information shared with us via Tour Host sign-up will be used strictly for direct emailing purposes and will not be shared with anyone outside of Twin Tours.


In the event that you win a prize in one of our giveaways, we may ask for your name and mailing address to send your prize. We do not share this information, or store it once the prize has been sent. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. We currently accept tours in any genre, but they must be fiction.
  2. Payment is due when scheduling, however a refund will be permitted if you contact Twin Tours within 48 hours of date scheduled.
  3. Full refunds will be permitted within 48 hours of scheduled event and/or in the event that we cannot reach minimum requirements for tour package ordered.
  4. We would love to promote all kinds of books in any genre, but majority of our audience and tour host are YA/New Adult/Adult Romance/Contemporary/erotica readers.
  5. Swag and giveaway prizes (if giveaways are held) must be author provided and shipped
  6. We will assume all giveaways are US only, unless otherwise specified.
  7. Authors must provide book/e-books to all review stops (We will distribute to all reviewers)
  8. If for whatever reason a scheduled stop on your tour doesn't post, we will do everything in our power to rectify the situation. In the event that the tour host is unreachable, we will attempt to schedule the stop on another blog, on another day to ensure you get all of the stops in your package. If all else fails, the post will be scheduled on Twin Opinions Reviews. Please understand that we cannot control who does and does not post, and this does not affect our refund policy. 
  9. If you are booking a blog tour for an upcoming release, and want your blog tour to run for your release, we request at least a month-month and a half notice to set everything up.
  10. The Twin Opinions reading team cannot guarantee positive reviews. However, we do not allow bashing and/or reviews we feel are attacking an author in any way. We remove the review from our tour and do not give it spotlight. 

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